Items For Hire 

The Dream Maker weddings and events Abel Tasman New Zealand.

Available for Hire with your Celebrant: $50.00 per day 
Say it loud, play it proud, with one of these peerless PA systems from 1-day.

This rechargeable bad boy is sure to get your rocking and your voice heard crystal clear. Sporting a host of handy inputs plus an epic Bluetooth function and great FM radio as well as a handle on top, it's as versatile as it is portable. Plus it comes with a remote control, so there'll be no bending down or walking all that way to change station... not on our watch.

This princely PA system would be just the ticket for budding musos and garage guitarists, addressing small gatherings, or alternatively hook up your favourite tracks and blow everyone's socks off with the sweet melodies of your life. It's got an easy to read display and the battery can deliver 2-3 hours of 30W delivery.

Put the PA into party and grab a sweet speaker for a price that speaks volumes!