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Margerie & Ian Renewal of vows, Split Apple Bay 5-5-16

Dear Terri.
Thank you so much for being so patient and making our day so magical, it was more than we had hoped for. The meal was also lovely and the rose was very touching. Mostly we would like to thank your son Peter, he will certainly have insight in how to treat a lady. XX

Areesha & Felix - We had the most Fantastic Day for our wedding in April at Peppers Awaroa. Terri worked alongside the venue in creating the most spectacular day for us. On our arrival Terri had already been in contact with the Lodge regarding the ceremony set up which was the most beautiful drift wood arch dressed with roses and she was concerned about tide times as we got married on the beach. Terri did the most she could to ensure the day went perfectly. We got married at 2.30pm once the tide had gone out and the Sun shone. We couldn't have asked for a better person to share our day with. Thanks again xx

Jess and Chris. Ngaio Bay 29th February 2016 - We knew as soon as we left after our first meeting with Terri that we wanted her to be our celebrant our wedding planner. Terri was amazing from start to finish. Throughout the planning we felt like we should be doing something! We emailed Terri time after time asking if we needed to be doing anything, she would just email one or two things to keep our minds on the job. On the day of our wedding, everything was going fantastic. It was like the clam before the storm. The day was awesome Terri had everything under control, and then the wind came. When I say wind I mean WIND, 30 minutes before the ceremony was about to start! All of our guest are on the beach then Terri gets called away because our marquee was trying to fly away! Then she asked all the guest if they could come and help, next thing the marquees down everything was moved to a new part of the venue and had a new set up within 30min. Thanks to Terri, her team and our friends and family for that part. If we didn't have Terri and her amazing team on our wedding day and the weather had snuck up on us like it did, we wouldn't have had a wedding. Terri and her team did such an amazing job and went above and beyond 110%. We would defiantly recommend using the dream maker if you're after a truly special day without ANY stress.

Lots of love, Jess and Chris. 

The Dream Maker Weddings and Events New Zealand NZ

Casey & Ben – NZ – Africa 3rd March 2016 Little Kaiteriteri – Photos by Lisa Ball Photography.

Terri is amazing loving a most of all she made our day more than perfect. She made us feel like she was the perfect person to marry us. I didn't have long to prepare our wedding just a few weeks but she made me feel as ease. I felt so comfortable around her like she was a part of my family I had a very small intimate wedding with just our parents and it was just amazing I highly recommend her if you Want an intimate wedding an I'm sure she would be just as amazing in a big wedding as well I have been recommending an telling so many people she is the most amazing celebrant you could ever ask for once again thank you so much to Terri for you presence on the day couldn't have been Mrs Hodges without you.








The Dream Maker Weddings and Events New Zealand NZ

Darryl & Kat – Pohara Golden Bay 6-3-16 – Photos by Soph our Dream Maker in house photographer & Video by Jay

When we asked Terri to be our wedding celebrant, we didn't know what to expect.  We didn't have many idea as to what exactly we wanted, only that we wanted to get married on the beach in Pohara. We realized it was a rather awkward location for Terri to organise, but she was very supportive and accommodating, as she knew this was really important for us.  She organized the photographer and took upon herself to organize all the annoying but necessary little things that no one wants to worry about on their wedding day. 
The ceremony was beautiful and Terri went out of her way to make the immediate surroundings beautiful and serene.  We felt safe knowing that everything would be perfectly organized by Terri on the day, and it was. 
Terri calls herself the Dream Maker, and for us, that's exactly what she was.  We couldn't have wished for a more beautiful celebration, and we wouldn't change anything.  A big thank you for you, Terri. 

The Dream Maker Weddings and Events New Zealand NZ

Karin & Uli 18-02-16 – Kina Beach - Photos by Soph our Dream Maker in house photographer.

To Terri & Team.

"We have talked about marriage times before, but on our holidays in this amazing country New Zealand we spontaneously realized: this is the location where we want to get married! We wanted a quiet ceremony on a lonely beach with just the two of us (and the celebrant and witnesses, of course ), but we had no clue how to do this. So we called Terri and she was amazing – in a very short time of 4 days she arranged everything. We just had to catch the permission of the … (how is he called?) and that was it. After a very good talk in a personal conversation with Terri (we felt very comfortable!) she gave us a questionnaire so we could tell her everything about us we want to. Terri is able to anticipate what a customer wants to have – in our case the wedding should be „casual“, relaxed and also a bit of humour wasn't wrong for us. We are convinced that Terri is easily able to arrange great, big weddings – in our case a kind of „improvisation “was much more important. So she made it possible to have one of the witnesses also as film/photo-maker in one person – Sophie. She did a great job and the photo-session was just natural – we LOVE these natural photos, she took – and also the film we wanted to have for our families at home. Terri's speech at the beach picked up our words of the questionnaire in a wonderful, heart-warming and especially in a individual way. We felt to „be seen “and understood. She also emphasizes in her speech to be in the moment – which means she wanted us to take a few seconds to feel, where we are and to realize this moment for our memories forever. We think this is really a important thing you might forget on your own wedding!! There was absolutely NO stress (besides our nervousness ), we just went with the flow. This was exactly the marriage we dreamed of. Thank you, Terri!"

The Dream Maker Weddings and Events New Zealand NZ

Sin & Lok 14-02-16 Valentine Day Hong Kong - Janie Seddon Motueka Terri photographer

Our beach side Valentine’s Day wedding at Love Motueka, South Island New Zealand

I would like to tell everyone that Motueka is a really good place for traveling or even have a wedding! Nice beach, nice people! Why I would like to share our story is because we meet a really nice lady, Terri Everett The Dream Maker' Celebrant, who help us to make our wedding come ture!

12 times my partner proposed all around NZ

I did the working holiday in NZ for six month, after that my boyfriend join me from Hong Kong, we travel together in NZ, every time we went to some beautiful place or at some special moment, he propose to me, every time i say YES! Simple but sweet, we like the simple way. No rings no flowers but just full of LOVE. We loves NZ so much, why not getting married in NZ too?

Skyline Luge cable car(the whole line of cable car only have us cos its almost the closing time ) 
Love Queenstown side of Lake Wakatipu when we watching sun set 
3 @Queenstown, summit of Queenstown Hill 
4 @Queenstown, during the new year countdown firework 
5 @Queenstown, Kawarau Bridge Relocation right after we did the bungee jump together 
Lake Marian Mildford Sound on the cruises 
7 @Queenstown, right after we land after sky dive 
Lake Tekapo Tavern under the star night 
Lake Tekapo summit of Mt john 
10 Christchurch City Council he sing a love song in the voice message
11 Motueka Link Park, he sing that love song face to face 
12 Abel Tasman National Park, Torrent Bay

Hello Motueka!
We don't know Motueka this place until my friend told me she is staying at here. So we stay at Motueka, got a job Talley's Group Ltd earn some money for more traveling as we are backpackers. And then we know why so many people travel to Motueka, not only the door to the amazing walk Able Tasman, but also the historical Save the Janie Seddon

How to get married in NZ?

If you want to get married in NZ, you have to complete the "Notice of Intended Marriage application form" hand it to the Registrar of Marriage by person, wait at least three working days to get the marriage licence. Once you got the marriage licence, you can choose to get married at a registry office which takes place in normal office hours, or, you can get married by an approved marriage celebrant which can do the wedding at the time and location of your choice.

Where is the Registry office?

One day i was thinking, we will stay in this town for a while, lets do the marriage here! So i do the searching found that Motueka does have a registry office, but where is it? So strange i can not find the address at all! So we when to the @Tasman District council office in Motueka for some information, but they even don't know Motueka have the registry office and ask us to go all the way to Nelson, the bigger city near Motueka, what a shame! we had no transport. 
Sure we will not give up, the next stop we try the Motueka i-SITE , luckily the staff knows someone who might help us and point us in the direction.

Hello Mrs Dream Maker!

The staff of i-Site give us a name and a phone number, said she is a wedding planner, her office is just on the main street of Motueka. A wedding planner? Actually we just planned to do the simple way which is get married in the registry office as we don't need a fancy wedding or can afford it.
"Maybe she can tell us where is the registry office", I was wondering when i give her a call. "Yes, I can help you, please come to my office. ", said The Dream Maker, I am here right now.

She can even be our celebrant! www.thedreammaker.co.nz

When we arrived the office, a lovely lady called Terri Everett with a big smile welcome us, we told her our story and what we want to just sign the papers, but she do not allow! Terri said she can just give us the address of the registry office, but she think that is not a memorable way for the wedding after such an incredible proposal in New Zealand, although we told her we are just a backpacker, we do not have budget for a fancy wedding, she still give as an offer we couldn't refuse, which is she help us to be our celebrant, what she ask us to do is just pay it forward and to share our story to help someone also who want to get married in Motueka and don't know where to start! We are so touching!
An A+ celebrant!

For the location, Terri suggested the beach near by the Janie Seddon in Motueka, and she said the earliest day we can do the wedding is three days later, which is ..... the Valentines Day! Oh wow its perfect! such a good day!

Before the big day, Terri and i keeps contact for the preparation, run down..,etc, i can not imagine we are going to have a wedding on the beach!

Our "far from typical" Big Day

On the Valentines Day, the weather is a lovely sunny day, we invited some closed friends to join our wedding, two of them are our witnesses. After doing some paper works with our witnesses at Terri's office, we head to the Janie Seddon. Our wedding start at 6pm, Our new work friends come in beach wear, to match the beautiful beach, sun shine and the green grass. Terri welcomes everyone to begin our wedding, followed by the vows. After my fiancé he sing a loves song to me, our eyes are full of happy tears. And then we sit down, sign on the document, also our witnesses to sign, all done! We are now official husband and wife! We celebrate by an apple juice cheers, which Motueka is famous for "Fruit" taking photos and bouquet tossing of free lovely garden flowers by our land lady.

Love is all we need! and a Dream Maker of course!

All of us enjoyed our simple causal wedding, me and my husband are so happy to have a wedding in our style, we believe marriage should not link up with materials or money something like that, marriage is all about LOVE, love is the most powerful energy in the universe.

Useful link:
www.thedreammaker.co.nz - Wedding Planner & Celebrant | Event Planning

New Zealand Government, Getting married
Motueka i-Site
Janie Seddon
2016/2/12 下午8:08於 "Terri Everett" < This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. >寫道:


Thanks Anna & Mandy.- private garden in Motueka 12-01-16

"Thank you so much for your excellent service - We really felt that it was perfect"!!! 

The Dream Maker Weddings and Events New Zealand

Mayur and Kajal from the UK! Proposal on Hobbs Hill Tasman. 2015

Terri was always prompt at responding to my emails even though I was communicating all the way from the UK! And surpassed my expectations and paid attention to detail to all parts of my proposal! She was also very pleasant to talk to and nothing was too big for her!
Terri used local produce which tasted yummy. She carefully chose items suitable for the most romantic picnic! Great portions too! And For someone who was taking photographs of a proposal, Terri went above and beyond! She has a real skill in taking the most intimate of photographs with natural pose.
Terri will always be remembered for how friendly and welcoming she was. Terri is a very creative person who has patience to suit all customers. Terri arranged a helicopter trip around the Abel Tasman area with a very friendly pilot, they then arranged a landing on a romantic hill overlooking the sea and Abel Tasman. It was quite romantic setting for me to propose.
"Whatever Terri touches is gold. Simple!"
Absolute value for money, no need to compare plus you get a service with a smile which is a rarity.
The Dream Maker, Terri has engraved a moment in our life which we will never forget. Stories which we intend to tell future generations and characters that you would only imagine are in a fairy tale film. This was one of the most surreal experiences of our lives. Proposing to your partner is an important occasion but for it to be made extra special, Terri adds that magic touch. Terri also has a great team behind her which is the icing on the cake. We highly recommend using Terri for making your dreams come true! I don't spend much time writing reviews but this is worth the time and the effort. Thank you Terri. Lots of love,

I’ve been on the ‘road’ as a musician for many years and taking care of back-stage business is always tricky to say the least.  Terri was superb, offering plenty of water and catering to our every need to keep the whole band happy.  If you needed anything, Terri was there and on the spot. The show always goes better when you have someone like Terri to rely on.  Terri can be my back stage arsenal any time.

Sharon O’Neill
October 2014







The Dream Maker Weddings and Events Abel Tasman National Park

When we first decided to get married in the Tasman region, we knew exactly what we wanted! An intimate forest ceremony with close family and friends followed by a rustic backyard reception; albeit in someone else's back yard. We spend A LOT of time up that way, so we knew how beautiful it is, and how friendly and helpful all the locals are! No worries we thought! how hard could it be? We got the ball rolling and started making bookings, including getting in touch with Terri to esquire as to her availability to be our celebrant. Good thing we did, as we soon came to realize that trying to organised even a small event from hundreds of kilometers away was no easy task.

From day one, Terri has been fantastic! Every hiccup we faced (and believe us- there were many!!!!!!!) Terri was always there, responding to our midnight emails and text messages, frantically making phone calls and organizing meetings on our behalf, and putting out whatever fires she could! When things didn't go our way, she always had a solution. Her enthusiasm, dedication and attention to detail was superhuman! 
We certainly didn't make things easy on her or her team (limited hydro and solar power, no cooking facilities/refrigeration, transport and access issues, wild pigs invading the reception, no wet weather plan... the list goes on), but not once did she flutter an eyelid or tell us something wasn't possible.
She truly is a Dream Maker!!!

If anyone is entertaining the thought of having a wedding in the Tasman region, don't hesitate and do yourself a favor!!! Get in touch with Terri, even just to have a chat. You will be blown away at the number of different options you have. Whether your a local, from out of town or from overseas, having Terri on your side will make all the difference in realizing your dream wedding! 
Terri, you are amazing!! And we couldn't have done it without you!
Sarah & Evan February 2015

The Dream Maker Abel Tasman Weddings and Events Nelson

Terri from Dream Maker helped to make our 10th wedding anniversary an exceptional time to remember. Starting with a sail from Kaiteriteri on a catamaran, laying back and enjoying the sunshine, they dropped us off at Bark Bay in the Abel Tasman National Park in time to catch a water taxi to Tonga Quarry. From there we hiked into Awaroa where we enjoyed a meal to satisfy anyone's hunger.
Following a quiet night and again a substantial breakfast, we lay back on the sandy beach waiting for our Sea Limousines. They treated as like royalty. For friendliness and helpfulness one couldn't ask for more. Even though we didn't catch any fish on the day, the experience of this very fast motor launch and the visits to the islands and bays made the day very special especially when it was topped off with a gourmet picnic supplied by Terri The Dream Maker.
Nothing appeared to be too much trouble and I would definitely recommend The Dream Maker and Sea Limousines to any party wanting to celebrate something really special or even just for a fishing trip out with friends.
Brian 16-1-2015

The Dream Maker Nelson

Thank you all for a very special day.

Sean and Lydia Patterson.

A great introduction to the wonderful Tasman Bay.


Thank you Terri, Matt and Sophie. We have had such an awesome day, Terri, you have made us feel so relaxed, calm and just totally amazing. Thanks for adding your special touches. We will NEVER forget our special day! Thanks again, the newlyweds

Mr. & Mrs Patterson. Christchurch/UK 8-1-15





The Dream Maker Nelson

What a perfect day from start to finish, it has been amazing.

Thank you very much Terri and skipper Matt. We have had a magical wedding day and couldn’t have dreamed for anything more perfect.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Mr & Mrs Morrison. Australia. 6-1-15







The Dream Maker Nelson

Thank you for a wonderful ceremony with so many personal touches. I could not have wished for anything better for our daughter’s wedding day.

Natalie and Peter Bashford.






The Dream Maker Nelson

This was it! This is exactly the type of day, the type of adventure we had contemplated when we first planned to bring our boys to beautiful New Zealand! Thank you Terri and Matthew for making it happen.

Mr & Mrs John Wilkelimy  California. 30-12-14 Full Day Family Reunion Scenic Charter First Light Travel.







The Dream Maker Nelson

What a Fantastic and special day, you really went the extra distance for B & Butch’s wedding;
Fran 29-12-15

Congratulations to B & Butch, Thank you for a perfect day; Rachel

Best wedding ever! Catamaran, Private beach, swimming, seals and good company. Thank you Terri for making it possible to make B and Butches day in style; Shannon.

B & Butch wedding day party from Australia 29-12-14 Fisherman’s Island Wedding Charter.





The Dream Maker Nelson

We are so happy and so, so glad we chose you to be our celebrant and to do those extra nic-nacs. Your amazing and thank you so much!!

Alice and Dan Southerland. 20-12-14













The Dream Maker Nelson

Hi Terri,
Everything was amazing thank you so much.
We are just waiting on our wedding cards so we can send out our thank yous.
The picnic was above our expectation. Everyone was raving about the wonderful food, there was more than enough THANKS!
The ceremony was everything we wanted it to be. Thank you for all your support and input. You made sure it stayed relaxed and chilled out like we wanted it.
You are a star!!
Thanks again,
Arnika and David 13th Dec 2014 Split Apple Rock Bay Wedding Service.


Hi Terri and her Dream Team.

Well, my goodness, it has been such a long time already and that seems crazy given that just this time last year we were still making the last minute plans. Still here we now sit, a married couple in our home in Scotland and it’s long overtime due to reflect back on our experiences and pass on our heartfelt thanks to you and your team for that day.Throughout this year, our special day has come back to us in so many ways. Firstly when we got back, we had our pictures from Oliver to look back on and relive some fantastic memories. We received a magical gift from Craig’s Mum and Dad of a large canvas picture of Fisherman’s island which now sits happily above our sofa.


You told us this would be a stunning day…..and it was! Everything cool and relaxed. The Location was amazing, your team great and you, as our celebrant did the best ever! We enjoyed it so much and will never forget. We can't say it often enough. For us it was a great day! You, your Dream Team and Alfred the robin made it an unforgettable experience.
With Love Martina and Michael from Germany 25th March 2014.

When you have your itinerary organised for you and it all goes according to plan - days seem longer. Of course the environment and good weather was a big plus, but the service was also exceptional. After an overnight at Awaroa Lodge to have a charter and skipper with passion for the area and such detailed knowledge of the marine life and flora added to the experience. Thanks Team. We were overwhelmed with the amazing lunch too. “A special treat for 2 seniors planned by our son”

24-11-14 Mr. Mrs Harre Over sea visitor.

The Dream Maker Nelson New Zealand

Terri is an asset to the Motueka business community. Her energy is infectious and her passion for our region is unmistakable. She has coordinated local businesses in an unprecedented way to generate exposure to our region. I believe she is best place to organise weddings and events in the Abel Tasman and wider region." 
Johny O Donnall, August 2014

The Dream Maker Abel Tasman Wedding Planner

We traveled from Tasmania to New Zealand for a family wedding. Terri the dream maker and her crew made us very welcome and looked after our party of 10 beautifully for 3 days with trips to magnificent places and wineries and caves,it was all planned out ,,but very flexible.Nothing was left out with the catering each day all top quality food and always a cold bottle of water for the asking.The wedding itself was pure magic.A perfect day,a beautiful beach on Fisherman's Island a feast laid out with champagne all while a lovely lady played the Harp and to top it off a scenic tour on the way back -BLISS-Thank you Terri and all the crew at Sea Limousines.
 Pamala Feb 24th 2014.

The Dream Maker - Fireworks New Zealand

I had the pleasure of working with Terri Everett “The Dream Maker” Celebrant and Event Coordinator while providing a Firework Display for the winners of The Dream Maker Wedding Competition.
Her excellent communication skills and ability and dedication ensured the whole day ran smoothly. Terri assisted with paving the way forward to ease the notifications and permissions / stipulations that are required with barge fireworks display. Terri is an experienced Event Coordinator and will deal with the issues at hand efficiently leaving you to relax and enjoy your special occasion .
 Kelvin Holdaway, Pyrotechnician.

The Dream Maker Weddings & Events

Thank you very much Terri for being our celebrant at our wedding on 22nd March at the Nelson lakes and thank you for your help leading up to our day and the touches you added on the day.  Please thank your assistant for us too. 

Amy & Lewis. 







The Dream Maker Terri Everett The Dream Maker Terri Everett


We cycled one day, to the jeweller to say "please make these two rings into one"
We asked Gabriella "d'you know a good fella could wed us on t'beach in t'sun?"
"Hasten to see, my friend Terri, she'll fix you guys up a treat"
So back on our bikes, we cycled with might, to find her away down High street.
With a degree of elation, and some trepidation, we entered her office so posh!
She quickly agreed, despite the great speed, she'd do it...and not for much dosh.
A maid from Dartmoor! well what a score, and down to the shore we did tak'er.
She layed on some sun, we all had such fun...memories are made by t'DREAM MAKER :-)

Terri will surely fulfil all your dreams whether simple or elaborate, a nicer person to "do the honours" would be very hard to find. Halfway around the world, and by pure happenstance, we found a maid from Devon. Thank you for sharing our perfect day, & on your 20th wedding anniversary. How cool is that?
B.t.w........ for us, love is even lovlier the second time around.
Cheers Terri....Jane and Dave Hender.


The Dreammaker Nelson The Dreammaker Nelson
The Dreammaker Nelson

Dear Terri,

This was originally just my year 13 fabrics project but turned into something bigger involving many people and even a cave and a helicopter for the final photo shoot. Most of my fellow class mates made a garment like a coat for a friend or a party dress but I knew I wanted a challenge. And I definitely got a challenge I made a multipurpose wedding dress. Which just means that after the wedding, the dress can be worn for different occasions like a picnic or a party. I achieved this by splitting the layers of a wedding dress. There’s the rich blue frilly skirt which acts as the petticoat giving the wedding dress an A-line silhouette. When part of the wedding dress it cannot even be seen but when worn with a singlet it’s a cute day outfit. Then the light blue chiffon dress which when worn on its own would be a cute day dress or when dressed up a party dress. Then of course a lace layer to give the overall wedding look.

During this project I learnt so much from all involved about not only how to design and make a wedding dress but also things like time management (or my lack of), working with people and many other life skills that will stay with me and help me in my future careers. For this I would like to thank Terri, who was theoretically my client, who brief me on the design concept and without whom I wouldn’t have been making a multipurpose wedding dress, which was designed for a travelling bride in mind.

I would like to thank my client example Terri Everett from The Dream Maker, without whom I wouldn’t have created such a diverse wedding dress. Terri also introduced me to many of her wedding industry colleagues who have helped me with this project; Jill from Puss Puss, Tasmin from Bache Design, Angel from The Wedding Whisperer, Andrew from Tasman Helicopters and the team at Ngarua Cave for allowing our photo shoot.  I would also like to thank Alison’s Bridal and my fellow students and models Liam Reid and the beautiful Molly Dyer particularly, who met and exceeded my expectations,  I cannot forget my teacher Mrs Ryan who helped, inspired and supported my project,  All who have been involved can celebrate in my projects success.

Thank you once again Terri what a fantastic experience.

Celia Kent


Dear Terri & Team,
This card is a bit overdue but we sincerely wanted to thank you for all your help. You and your team were fantastic!!
Your professionalism and self-assurance had a massive calming effect on David and I throughout the whole process & particularly on the day!.
Thanks again for all your help & the lovely photos
David & Lisa
March 2013






 Thanks Terri for supplying some lovely salads for our annual work BBQ. There was more than enough to go around (I even got leftovers to take home!) and the mini cheesecakes were divine. Will definitely use your services again.
Jane Best, Agfirst Consultants Nelson Ltd.
January 2014



Thanks to 'The Dream Maker' who connected us with Amber Riddington Photography so I was able to get some great photos of my 50th.
Liz Woods 20th December 2013.











What can we say but a massive massive thank you for everything you have done for us. It has been a life changing opportunity for us & we will never forget it as long as we live, Its been a mad wild crazy competition & we were so lucky to have won out of all the couples that entered, we got to experience some of the most breathtaking places in the Abel Tasman & Nelson over the past few weeks & will have those memories forever, we can't thank you enough & wish you every success in the future & continue to make all those newly-weds dreams come true 
Conor & Louise
Winners Of The Dream Maker Competition 2013













The Dream Maker testimonials

From conception to conclusion Terri has nurtured the Dream maker promotion as if raising a cherished infant. As a key local broadcaster in our region, we frequently work alongside major promotions.  The team here at Fifeshire House were constantly commenting about the attention to detail, the smooth transition from one faze to another and the total dedication to the project that Terri delivered every day
Terri built the team of participating sponsors and developed the concept selling the vision to both our team at More FM and other key parties.  It was encouraging to see such a high levels of interest and collaboration with the Nelson Mail. This transitioned through to a strong multimedia platform to the promotion.
There is no doubt that the spectacular success to this promotion, and positive impact it will have on tourism for the Nelson and Tasman region was directly a result of Terri’s enthusiasm and focus.
Christine Hatton (general manager of Media works Nelson).


I was really taken with Terri's enthusiasm and desire to create 'something big'."She had a great idea and just needed the support. Terri wanted to promote our beautiful region to the rest of the world via a wedding competition. Weddings are a time of fun, wonder, excitement and of course celebration - which generally means a beer or two. Sprig & Fern is of and from this region so I was really happy to get behind her plan to bring people here to experience Nelson/Tasman and at the same time showcase the Sprig & Fern."
Dave Barrett; Sprig & Fern Brewery, Nelson 
November 2013
A huge Thank You To Dave Barrett and The Nelson Sprig & Fern for all their help and support.


The Dream Maker, Nelson

Thanks for a fantastic day Terri! So well organised and such an amazing location. Looking forward to working with you again!!Sina & Andy came to NZ from Germany to be married March 2013.

Michael Robertson Photography 2013






The Dream Maker, Nelson

 Thank you Terri, we had such fun getting married on the dropzone in Motueka.  We wanted to say a very big thank you for your help and support and the beautiful picnic in the Abel Tasman. We will never forget this special time and hope to keep in touch.

Jan and Suzi Feb 2013







It all went perfectly!! We had the most wonderful day. It was everything we asked for and more! Thank-you so much Terri and the Dream Team. Mr. Mrs Kieran & Misty Lee Wallbutton February 16th 2013









12th February 2013 (Europa Cruise ship visit to Kaiteriteri)We thank you so much for this wonderful trip, we will never forget it, from one big ship to a small boat for an intimate look at Falls River. 






The Dream Maker Abel Tasman Events

It’s been a cool trip, with an awesome crew who seemed to be able to do anything for us. We loved the muffins and you took great care of us with coffee and sandwiches in the most beautiful place on earth. Ian Trafford, Peter Noles and Models NZA.  17th December 2012








First of all thank you so much for such a wonderful afternoon. It is still a topic of conversation amongst the residents of Woodlands Retirement home in Motueka and those that did not want to come out that afternoon say they regret missing it. The hats the local school children made for the residents are still here and they will have fun wearing them again during happy hour. The folks felt so happy that the children remembered them and went and met them again at the high tea. Seeing the children happy made all the residents happy. It was a very wonderful afternoon for them and of course not forgetting the balloon lady, the residents were amazed that she could make such a wide variety of animals and objects. The food at the high tea was so yummy and to top it off those beautiful china cups and saucers to drink from really created the old fashioned atmosphere of a true garden event.
Again I cannot thank you enough for arranging it all Terri it is something they will not forget easily. You made many happy ladies and gentlemen.

Trudes, Activity Manager at Woodlands Retirement Home.
22nd Nov 2012

Hello Terri
Thank you so much for allowing the St. Peter Chanel Vinnies school children to be part on the Woodlands Retirement home celebrations. We thoroughly enjoyed being involved in the preparation work of creating bonnets, fans and bunting for the picnic as well as interviewing the residents and putting this information together. It was a fantastic afternoon, so much fun! I hear that 7 of the children even made it along to the picnic later in the afternoon which was a surprise even to me as I was under the impression due to other activities they weren't able to make it. They evidently loved Flossie, the balloon lady and I'm sure enjoyed seeing their research up and knowing that the ladies were having fun wearing the bonnets they had made for them. The children have loved visiting Woodlands throughout the year, so it would have been great for them as well to have another opportunity to visit everyone.
Take good care of yourselves and thank you once again.
Philippa (Vinnies)
23rd Nov 2012:

We've had the most memorable day ever! being in my 80′s that's a lot of days. You have been not only kind, thoughtful, attentive and very understanding to our needs as two little old ladies. We have both so enjoyed our birthday treat and thank you for everything that has made this day one that we will never forget. Best wishes
Madeline Selby & Margaret Luitt.
14th Feb 2013


Celebrating a birthday in style, Motueka has it all the fancy dress, Sabrina the party bus, the best Tavern and the Dream Maker and all captured beautifully by Oliver Webber Photography.
October 2012






The Dream Maker Nelson

We had such a beautiful day, thank you for Everything!


Vince and Kara. March 7th 2012






The Dream Maker, Nelson

Planned a Dream Wedding and got a Dream Wedding, Fantastic service,boat, Celebrant and the food was excellent. all topped of with memories that will last for ever.


Julie and Mike Gillon 10th Jan 2012.








Such a lovely day, thank you so much for a great picnic and perfect weather.
Corporate Events Guide.
19th Nov 2011.







A wonderful day in the national park with the most charming couple. Dagmar Kluthe,
Vogue Magazine,
26th November 2011






Thank you, we had a fantastic day, our children were entertained and we could relax in confidence. one of the most memorable days of our holiday.







A great trip with lots of personal touches. Enjoyed the fabulous scenery and the intimacy of the owners. A lovely birthday trip I'd recommend to anyone. 
Alice and Dan.
Sept 2011





Our family reunion has been made all the more memorable and we will never forget this day .
The Boyd Family.








Brilliant Day with the best people in the world and my lovely new wife. Thanks Jim and Terri for a fantastic cruise I can't describe how amazing the day was.
Don and Anna.
12th March 2011.




Thank you Terri and Jim for a great day in the Abel Tasman.
Wonderful introduction to this beautiful part of the world.
Sir Keith and Lady Sabine Whitson.






What a magical day! We enjoyed every minute, Terri and Jim could not have been more fun or accommodating. I will never forget our day together, THANK YOU!"
Bill and Julie Jemisen





Thank you for a great time this morning. My 90-year-old grandfather enjoyed the
great scenery and the great people, and the great service from you.
Family Wong.





Thank you for showing us the most marvelous place in your very
own paradise. It's tickled my imagination and we'll be sure to come back for more.
Barbara Writer for Polyphone International.




Absolutely amazing, yummy picnic, delightful stories, wonderful service.
March 2010




"It's a good thing the best wedding I've ever been to was my own! What a wonderful day! Thank you for wowing us" "After planning our wedding in Christchurch, we had to move our wedding to Nelson, Jim and Terri took us out within 24 hours notice, they exceeded our wildest expectations! Thank you so much"
Catlin and David
March 2010


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