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Te Pukatea: 

All events in the park using commercial providers must be organised under a management of the Department of Conservation concession permit.  The Dream Maker holds this permit an all providers can be factored in under her co-ordination

Another one of our favourite beaches attached to the mainland.  It offers several options and is probably one of the most photographed beaches in the park, due to its look out vantage towards Pitt Head.

This beach is frequented by water taxi boats but they tend to land in the middle, leaving the edges private for our occasions.  Either end offers great rocking back drops and again with native bush and the path to the lookout offers some inventive opportunity for your photographer.  It is advised to have sensible shoes for walking.

Small boutique events often like to combine their event with a walk, there is reasonably easy 45 minute walk from Te Pukeatea which leads to Pitt Head, an ancient Maori Pa. These Pa sites are iconic in our New Zealand heritage their technology developed trenches which modernized warfare in WW1. Pa sites were strategically important to Maori defenses.  The walk has panoramic views across the northern part of the park and towards the North Island. The walk can continue to Anchorage where your charter boat can pick you up and continue on for a scenic cruise.


Points to consider:

  1. A maximum number of 45 people can land. 
  2. This is very tidal dependent.
  3. There are public services on the Island, which include toilets and water (Not drinking).
  4. The famous look out is a photographer’s favorite vantage point with superb back drop across the famous crescent beach. 
  5. There isn’t much shade on the beach.
  6. Access by Water Taxi and charter boat or by foot.
  7. Less private due to taxi landings and the public walking track.
  8. No wet weather back-up

Basic Package includes:

  • Celebrant & Services. 
  • Assistance with license application. More info Here
  • Flowers for the couple (Up-grade for beach styling available)
  • Water Taxi (private charter available)
  • Specialized Gourmet picnic for two (Up-grades available.)
  • One bottle of complimentary NZ bubbles.

Other options:

  • Photographer and/or videographer
  • Music
  • Custom designed package, incorporating anything else through the Dream Maker services.

The Dream Maker Te Pukatea

The Dream Maker Te Pukatea

The Dream Maker Te Pukatea