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Split Apple Rock/Bay: 

Split Apple Rock is a geological rock formation in The Tasman Bay off the northern coast of the South Island of New Zealand.

Made of granite, it is in the shape of an apple which has been cut in half. The cleft to produce two sides of the 'apple' was a natural occurrence. It is unknown when this happened and therefore the cleaving of the rock has attracted many mythological explanations.  The rock sits in shallow water at low tide and is accessible by wading or kayaking.

The famous rock lies just outside the National Park sandwiched between Kaiteriteri and Marahau and doesn’t have as many event restrictions as bays in the national Park.  The bay can be accessed by a steep well managed walking track from the main road but there is limited parking.  Access is also possible from the sea by charter boat or water taxi.

The famous Rock is visited by thousands of people every year, all Taxi and charter boats make a scheduled stop for photo opportunities, so it’s advised for an evening  or shoulder season ceremony to have less uninvited guests to your event.

Most ceremonies take place on the low tide with the rock in the back ground but for an extra fee access to the rock can be achievable by those a little more adventurous.

The Dream Maker is also associated with some very special accommodation providers close to this bay, offering a great wet weather back up.

Points to consider:

  1. No maximum number.
  2. There is a public toilet but no running water.
  3. The famous Split Apple Rock and some of the small caves and rock formations is a photographer’s dream.
  4. There is plenty of shade on the beach, especially into the evening.
  5. Access by Water Taxi and charter boat or by foot.
  6. Less private due to taxi visits to the rock and the public walking track.
  7. No wet weather back-up
  8. Helicopter landing (Tide dependent)

Basic Package includes:

  • Celebrant & Services. 
  • Assistance with license application. More info Here
  • Flowers for the couple (Up-grade for beach styling available)
  • Walking access (Water Taxi  or private charter available on request)
  • Specialized Gourmet picnic for two (Up-grades available.)
  • One bottle of complimentary NZ bubbles.

Other options:

  • Photographer and/or videographer
  • Music
  • Custom designed package, incorporating anything else through the Dream Maker services.